Post #2: Easter Is Coming!

Well it's February 23, 2021, and Easter is coming.  With the Covid vaccines rolling out, there is hope on the horizon.  It's warming up, as well, after the recent freezes and snow storms. Spring may actually be on the way.

If there's one thing we all know. We want to gather. To see our friends and family.  And for the world to return to its normal ins and outs.

So when you gather this year... be careful and have fun. And in years to come, look for products from this label to make your day a little brighter!

Our tagline at Sundawg Design is "Play Fun ... Live Happy!"   You can find out more about this philosophy

We've always thought this little card deck could help bring a little joy. And apparently some other folks do too.  Our sales have been good to date and we are just getting started.

The curious part of the story is that the idea was born in November, 1982.  Old ideas are like a fine wine after all. They get better with age! 

 Original Art Board . . . January 1983

Much of the above art board changed in 2013 when I revamped the illustrations.  We had to get professional!  About the only remaining original character is the "Jack-o-Lantern, the Jack of Pumpkins.  Here are a few more of the updates from old to new.


My wife Nancy began to help the Sundawg Design mission in earnest when she retired from her job at the Heart of Illinois United Way last summer.  Here we are with the local Bass Pro Santa on December 21, 2013.  Brian Eichorn, aka Santa, is an is an old golfing buddy, and thus the smiles while two adaults are actually sitting on Santa's lap. He wanted us to stay longer, but the free photo was just enough time to catch up and tell Santa what we wanted for Christmas!

With East Peoria Bass Pro Santa in 2013

This may have actually propelled the push to get Holiday Circle out to the public. It always takes some inspiration!  

After our first official trade show (see blog post one) was postponed in March of 2020, we were forced to go organic in launching the card deck.   Nancy & I spent some effort and had much fun contacting retailers around Illinois and introducing them to Holiday Circle.

We eventually got the product into a dozen retail locations.  They did quite well and we're looking forward to this year! 

Here is a list of our retail partners in 2020:






The cards are available on Amazon as well. Just search "Holiday Circle Playing Cards" and you'll find them, along with sevral 5 Star Reviews!

We will be attending the 2021 Christmas & Halloween Transworld trade show in May in St. Louis.  It was pushed to this year from last. We're looking forward to showing both Holiday Circle and the Bandit Ball, and will have a cute little Mom & Pop booth to do just that!

Our family playing "Jack Stacks" in Texas last Christmas ... with our family room as a backdrop.

To conclude this long overdue second blog post,  I wanted to share this photo before the snow melts.  Knowing this will never do all the real Santas of the world justice, just wanted you to know I tried!